Completion of 1st stage of Mara Sampling

27 02 2013

Sauna and I are heading back up to Nairobi today after a few successful days of field sampling. We will re-stock our supplies and then head to Amboseli National Park to continue collecting samples. We were able to collect many samples today as we navigated throughout the Olare Orak, Emotorogi, and Naboisho Conservancies. The picture provided shows a small family group of elephants as they crossed the savannah from one forest area to another. Lot’s of elephant damage in this part of the conservancy.

Elephants crossing the savannah

Elephants crossing the savannah

We also startled a newborn gazelle calf this morning, inadvertantly. As we collected our field data, we saw a calf that must have only been a few hours old. It was curled up in the grass, blending in perfectly with its surroundings. If we hadn’t nearly stepped on it, we wouldn’t have seen it at all. It’s hair was still wet from birth and it kept so still that I thought it was stillborn. But, as Sauna checked it out it finally burst

Some shade on the savannah

Some shade on the savannah

to its feet and took its first wobbly steps. Amazing how quiet it kept, not calling for its mother, even after we startled it. Camouflage is the greatest tool for survival at this stage. We left it alone and within a few minutes the mother and calf were re-united as we departed.



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27 02 2013

Everyone liked seeing the elephants! That must have been quite a site.

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